Welcome, Fall | DIY Sign Tutorial + Free Silhouette Cut File

Welcome, Fall | DIY Sign Tutorial + Free Silhouette Cut File

Can we just start with a quick *holy smokes it’s September*?!?  I can’t believe it.  Well, partially because it still feels like summer most of the time here.  But mostly because September means fall which becomes Halloween which becomes Thanksgiving which becomes Christmas which becomes New Years and I feel like I always go from September 1 to January 10 in the blink of an eye.  And this year, we’re adding a new baby to the mix so…holy smokes.

Ok, back to the task at hand.  Part of the awesomeness of September is that on Labor Day weekend, I break out my fall decorations {my second favorite decorations to Christmas} and redo the whole house.  Which is one of my very favorite activities.

hello fall3

In anticipation of this {and thanks to the flutter of fall on Pinterest…follow me here}, I decided we needed just an extra little piece of fall decor.  But for free.  Because with two coming up in diapers, we need all the free we can get.  And then I remembered the sign.  Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time there was a sign.  It was an adorable little sign that I made for our very first apartment, and was one of my very first forays into the world of crafting.  I slaved over it to design the perfect look, find the perfect paint colors, and make everything look just right.  I hung it in our little home over our wine fridge and was so proud.

Welcome, Fall | DIY Sign Tutorial + Free Silhouette Cut File

The sign read “‘Wine is bottled poetry’ by Robert Lewis Stevenson.”  Which was perfect.  Until I, being a former English major and current perfectionist, realized that it’s Robert Louis Stevenson.  #fail

So the sign got tossed in a closet and moved from one apartment to the other and finally into our home with the intention to fix the minor issue.  And then we became parents and toned down the wine related decor, and with the movement of rooms and such for the new baby, the sign almost got tossed in the trash.  Except I can’t handle wasting a good piece of wood.  Especially when the hanging bracket is already installed.  And September is here so I’m already itching to pull down my fall decorations.

So, while the kid napped, I gave the sign a quick coat of primer and then a coat of white and started in again.  And came up with this sign.  Which I’m now totally obsessed with.  And it was free.  The end.

Welcome, Fall | DIY Sign Tutorial + Free Silhouette Cut File

Welcome, Fall | DIY Sign Tutorial + Free Silhouette Cut File

Download the cut file HERE and use the tutorial below to make one of your own!

Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette adhesive vinyl, hook tool and transfer paper
1 piece of wood, approx 11.25″ x 18″
Paint in whatever colors you want for the sign {I used white spray paint for the background and a chocolate brown brown flat paint sample for the lettering}
Sponge brush for lettering
Opt: hanging bracket for the back of the sign

How To…

{photo tutorial below}

1) Spray paint wood with two coats background color and let dry completely {if you’re going over an old sign, use a coat of primer first}
2) Download the cut file to your Silhouette software and cut the adhesive vinyl
3) Use the hook tool to pick out the lettering
4) Roll transfer paper over the top of the vinyl and transfer the top (sticky) layer to the transfer paper
5) Lay vinyl, sticky side down, on the wood and press to adhere.  Slowly and carefully remove transfer paper.  Now you have your stencil adhered to the wood!
6) Use sponge brush to lightly dab small amounts of paint in lettering colors over your stencil.
7) Once all letters have been painted, remove silhouette vinyl stencil.  Let dry completely.
8) If necessary, touch up with a small paint brush.
9) Opt: Install hanging bracket


Welcome, Fall | DIY Sign + Free Silhouette Cut File

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I’ll Eat You Up I Love You So | Free Printable

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So | Free Printable | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

I love a good free printable.  It feels a little like Christmas to me every time I’m scrolling through Pinterest {find me here} and find one that would be just perfect in my home.  All you have to do is save, print, and pop it in a frame for an instant, free infusion of home decor.

When I started really getting into the decorating process for the little guy’s room, I gave it some good searches and found so many amazing prints from so many amazing designers and bloggers.  I downloaded my favorites, laid them out, and realized that something was missing.

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So | Free Printable | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

My sweet girl is such a reader, and a fan of Where The Wild Things Are, that whenever I read it, I remembered that I wanted a print that read “I’ll Eat You Up I Love You So.”  Because it’s sweet and amazing and I honestly do want to eat up those chubby baby legs sometimes.  I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything that was just right to match the rest of what I had.  It needed to be simple, sweet and in the perfect colors.

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So | Free Printable | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

So I popped into photoshop and put these puppies together instead.  One for my sweet boy’s light blue and grey room, and one for the girl mamas out there {which I may put up in my toddler’s room too…because she would probably appreciate it more than he will}.

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So | Free Printable | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

And, after the last few years of enjoying the beautiful free artwork that others have posted, I feel like it’s time to share some of my own.  Enjoy!

Love this?  Check out more work on our nursery: Grey Graphic Rocking Chair Update |  Blue Ombre Ikea Dresser Makeover | Distressed “Blue Wash” Dresser Refinish 

right click or control click {mac} on either image to download.


What A Difference A Day Makes | Free Printable

Life is a little crazy right now, and as I was putting together some other posts, I discovered this one sitting in my drafts.  Somehow I never got around to sharing it, but I’m stoked that I found it and can pass it along today!  Maybe it would be a fun little craft over the long weekend?


As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s taken me two years to really start putting my house together.  I mean I did have the kiddo about three months in, so that slowed things down significantly.  But still.

Gallery Wall | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

One of the things that I had to do was to put in a gallery wall in our family room.  For two years, a way-too-small mirror hung there sadly, until I finally got motivated, ordered some pictures, found some old frames, and printed off some free printables.  It was almost perfect.

I had seen a slew of “date” printables either for sale, in formats that I couldn’t edit, or that I just didn’t love.  And me being the cheap, pseudo-Photoshop savvy person that I am {I really am not}, I decided to make one of my own.  And I just adore it.

And I thought you might adore it too.  So below is the editable 8″ x 10″ Photoshop file for the “What A Difference A Day Makes” free printable. Plug in birthdays and anniversary, print it out, and pop it on your wall.  Hey, maybe it’ll motivate you to finally decorate too.

What A Difference A Day Makes Free Printable | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

What A Difference A Day Makes <- Click to Download

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