Introducing Snuggle Up Buttercups

Introducing Snuggle Up Buttercups | Little Kitchen, Big Bites Guys, I’m so excited to be sharing this today.  There have been big things going on behind the scenes here.  And they involved stacks of cuddly fabric, lots of hours behind the sewing machine, and one tiny product tester getting a whole lot of snuggles.

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I temporarily closed my Etsy shop before little man was born.  I was still selling wine decor and signs, which had started to feel very much like something from my past.  There was no passion left in it for me.  And with a second baby on the way, I decided to take a break.  For months, I didn’t have the time, the energy or the desire to create.


And then, one day, this second time mama discovered a problem.  And no amount of googling produced an answer or a product that could fix it.  So I decided to create one myself.

Grey Arrow with White Infant Blanket | Snuggle Up Buttercup3

Snuggle Up Buttercups was born.  It’s an innovative line of new blankets that are perfectly sized, simply designed, totally snuggly, mom-made and kiddo-approved.  Super soft and cozy blankets in patterns that moms love, that actually fit on carseats and in strollers without falling onto dirty floors, security blankets in darling patterns without random animal heads, and toddler blankets in chic prints that fit their laps in the stroller.

Introducing Snuggle Up Buttercups | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

We just opened and new items are being added regularly!  You can follow along on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more fun.  Or shop today with code OPENED for free shipping this week only!


Happy Monday my friends!  Just popping in to show you a few new fun designs from my Etsy shop, Banana Bean Design.  I started a fun new series of playful little hashtag signs to add to a shelf or gallery wall!  I would love feedback from all of my lovely readers…what should come next?  What’s your favorite hashtag to instagram or tweet?

Hashtag Signs | Banana Bean Design #love | Banana Bean Design #friends | Banana Bean Design #blessed | Banana Bean Design #Family | Banana Bean Design

Signs can be found here:

Banana Bean Design

Am I the only one that starts thinking about holiday gifts before Halloween?  ….hm well probably.  I’m certainly the only one that starts listening to Christmas music in September.

But now that it’s November, I’m not in the minority anymore.  Every store and mall that you walk into is already decorated.  It’s only a matter of time before the masses start rushing in.  But worry not my dear friends.  I have an option for you that doesn’t involve leaving your iPhone.

Wine Cork Monogram | Banana Bean Design_edited-1 Create Sign | Banana Bean Design 5


Introducing Banana Bean Design.  My little Etsy shop.  With oodles of fun products for both the wine lovers and the mamas out there.  Or the wine lovin’ mamas like myself.  Perfect gifts, or pieces for making your house {or apartment!} a home.  And right now we have some great holiday decorations too!


Cork Pumpkin | Banana Bean Design2 Moon & Back | Banana Bean Design4 Cork Apple | Banana Bean Design This Is The Life | Banana Bean Design 1 Holiday Wine Cork Decor | Banana Bean Design Baby Subway Art | Banana Bean Design 2


Loving it?  Got to have it?

Well guess what?  I’m giving you a discount.  Use the code GIVETHANKS from now through Thanksgiving and get 20% off anything in the store!  Just for my sweet loyal readers.


I know what you’re thinking.  This stuff is totally awesome and I’m definitely going to go order a bunch of it now, but seriously woman, get back to the food already.  And I’m getting there.  I swear.  I’ve been cooking up a storm, but when it comes to the photographing, writing, and posting I’ve been a major slacker.  But I promise I’ll get back to it asap.  Because some of these meals are too awesome to be ignored.

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