About Me

I’m going to be honest with you.  If you asked me to cook you dinner a few years ago, you would have gotten a quesadilla and some boxed mix brownies.  Watching Top Chef was really the reason I learned to cook.  I was born to a mom who owned a restaurant and a grandma who could cook like no other, but was never really bitten by the bug until I watched my first episode.  My love has been cultivated thanks to a few years of experience and plenty of time obsessing over food blogs and, of course, Pinterest.

I began as an event planner by day and a Top Chef wannabe by night.  I started with recipes every now and then on my personal blog, and was inspired to branch out here when a caterer at a tasting exclaimed *You sure are passionate about food!  Your eyes light up when you talk about it.*  And she was right.  I am passionate about food and I want to share and inspire that passion in others.

I like to cook simple, fun recipes with big taste.  Oh, and I have a slight obsession with my crock pot.  She sits on the counter in my kitchen and I use her at least once a week.  Yes, I said “she.”

Then my husband and I were blessed with the most wonderful little child, who is now a spunky little toddler/princess-Elsa-wannabe.  I quit my job and became a full time mom.  I still cook all the time, but I also spend time working on pieces for my Etsy shop and fixing up my home.  I also fulfilled a bit of a lifelong dream and became an instructor for a local fitness franchise where mamas work out with their sweet babies in the strollers.  All of this has come to be a part of me, and of this blog.


Wanna know more about me?
I’m a valley girl again after 10 years in the city,
A lover of classic rock, country twang, 80’s fun, top 40’s catchy-ness, and indie electronica pop
A crock pot top chef and garlic adder
A crafter, a painter, and a seriously amateur photographer
A wearer of sweat pants, leggings and tunics, delicate jewelry, maxi dresses and all things lululemon
A trashy reality tv connoisseur and gossip mag lover
A type-A former event planner with a true love for to do lists, excel spreadsheets and post it notes
A major wine enthusiast with a beer budget
A football obsessed UCLA Bruin who bleeds blue and gold
A puppy loving doggie mama, a major Hubby lover
And the stroller pushin’ mama to toddler princess

You can also check out my Etsy shop, full of wine lovers decorations and hand painted signs for making your house a home, at Banana Bean Design.