Healthy Snacking On The Go with FreshyBag

Healthy Snacking On The Go with FreshyBag | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

I have a problem, and I’m just going to come out and say it.  I don’t like being at home.  It’s nice to lounge in your pj’s and read books for a little while but then I get super stir crazy.  Especially with two kids.  And I think I’ve passed this {and many other} neurosis onto my sweet girl because she’d rather be out of the house too.  The little guy has no chance.

So we end up eating a lot of our snacks, and sometimes even meals, on the go.  My girl is a snacker and I make sure I pack lots of healthy things to get us through teaching my fitness classes, playing at the park, running errands and doing whatever we’re up to.  As much as I’d love to just hand her a bag of goldfish crackers and call it a day, I just can’t.  This sweet girl will eat pretty much anything, so I make sure that she has fresh fruits and vegetables to eat before we get to any of the less healthy stuff.  Then if she’s not hungry for lunch later, I’ll at least feel like she got the basics.

Healthy Snacking On The Go with FreshyBag | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

When the makers of FreshyBag asked if I was interested in checking out one of their insulated bags, I said yes without even thinking about it.  I mean, I always need another insulated bag.  We’re dragging them everywhere.

When it arrived, I was totally stoked.  The size is just perfect…not too small that I can’t fit my snacks without zipping it but not too big that it takes over my whole stroller.  And I love the two different compartments so that I can keep her cool food cold without making her seaweed and rice cakes a little soggy.  And the thick bag and strong zippers kept everything so nice and cold!  I was amazed that even my ice pack seemed a little less melty than usual at the end of the day.  According to FreshyBag, their technology can keep everything nice and fresh for 10 whole hours!  That’s a Disneyland day people.  No more worrying about whether or not your cheese sticks are still good at dinner time!

Healthy Snacking On The Go with FreshyBag | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

Mamas, here’s one of my favorite parts.  FreshyBag is machine washable.  Honestly, everything else is just gravy on top of that.  Because I don’t even want to know what kind of grossness starts growing when my kid leaves the bag unzipped with half an unpeeled banana inside on a hot day and I don’t notice until an hour later {true story}.

Oh, and it’s simple, black and the toddler has decided it’s basically her purse full of goodies that she can carry around with her.  So it’s basically a toy too.

So if you’re tired of your old snack bag, give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed.


**Disclaimer: FreshyBag provided a bag for me to review but the opinions in this post are all mine.

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