Happy Monday my friends!  Just popping in to show you a few new fun designs from my Etsy shop, Banana Bean Design.  I started a fun new series of playful little hashtag signs to add to a shelf or gallery wall!  I would love feedback from all of my lovely readers…what should come next?  What’s your favorite hashtag to instagram or tweet?

Hashtag Signs | Banana Bean Design #love | Banana Bean Design #friends | Banana Bean Design #blessed | Banana Bean Design #Family | Banana Bean Design

Signs can be found here:

Extreme Home Makeover, DIY Edition

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while, but hopefully this post will excuse my lack of posting since…geeze, last year.  We had a busy, fun holiday season, did a little bit of traveling, settled back into the routine, and the little one promptly caught a cold that’s lasted for a month and a half.  On top of that, the start of the year seemed like a perfect time to finally decorate our house, which we’ve lived in for two years now.  #homeowner fail


Entryway Makeover | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

The first project was our entryway.  As it was, it consisted of a hand-me-down glass topped table (very not baby proofed) and a light wood mirror with hanging hooks.  It needed a makeover, and it needed it before the kid figured out that the piece of glass comes off the top.  We switched out the table for a lovely bench from Target (which she now loves to sit on to put her shoes on), painted the mirror white, and grabbed some fun little baskets and a galvanized mailbox for the stuff that always collected on the table.  I found some wood that I hadn’t used in the garage and painted a lovely welcome sign that really brought it all together, that you can now find in the shop!


Gallery Wall Signs | Banana Bean Design Gallery Wall | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

Then I moved onto a gallery wall around a very lonely little mirror that was dwarfed by a huge wall space.  It was one of those I’ll-do-this-later-once-the-baby-comes things when we moved in.  Clearly, that didn’t happen.  But I finally rallied, searched the closet for extra frames, scoured the internet for printables, and designed and painted a few wooden signs to bring it all together (many of them are now available in the shop!).


Bedroom Makeover | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

Next up was the bedroom.  We got a new, king size bed last year and had to put our old bed frame into storage.  We purchased a simple, white ruffle comforter set at the time that included a couple of shams but was just kind of blah.  To my delight, Hubby has picked up woodworking lately and he’s incredibly good at it.  He used this tutorial as a guide and created the most beautiful (cheap!) barn door headboard, which I fancied up with a whitewash treatment, cheap garage door hinges, and threw together some burlap and gold polka dot pillows to bring the whole thing together.


Oversized Ruler Growth Chart | Banana Bean Design

I had this oversized ruler height chart on my to do list since I was pregnant with my one and a half year old.  #procrastinationforthewin  I didn’t love any of the online tutorials that I found, so I just kind of made up my own, using the same whitewash treatment that I used for the headboard.  I’m absolutely in love with the results, and my little one thinks it’s so fun too!  This one will be coming to the shop soon!


Puff Quilt | Little Kitchen, Big Bites

I’ve also been having fun doing some crafty soul searching and trying out things that I haven’t done in a while.  My smooshy got a tent for Christmas that was just screaming for a cozy quilt to snuggle up in.  This was one of my first sewing projects in years, and it turned out spectacular in very little time thanks to an amazing, ridiculously detailed tutorial from Honeybear Lane.  If you’re interested in trying a puff quilt but are a novice with the sewing machine, I highly recommend it.  And the kiddo is obsessed.

So I know that this doesn’t completely excuse me for my blog hiatus, but what can ya do?  If you want to see more of me, follow along on Facebook, or on the shop’s new Instagram @bananabeandesign!

PS links are not affiliates…just wanted to share the love if you see something you like!

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